About Us

Smiles Centre of Collaborative Learning

Smiles Centre of Collaborative Learning and Smiles & Faces Orthodontics, Blacktown

Smiles Centre of Collaborative learning was founded by Dr Andrew Chang, of Smiles & Faces Orthodontics, Blacktown , originally with the intention of bringing our referring dentists from western Sydney, dentists from the Hills districts of Sydney, dentists from Blacktown, dentists from Parramatta, dentists from Penrith and the neighbouring suburbs around these centres in a spirit of shared learning and growing.  

Ever since founding the practice in 2010, Dr Andrew Chang has always been passionate about teaching dentists. Yet to deliver the highest quality patient care, this cannot occur alone. It is no secret that the highest quality patient care is delivered when dentists who are experts in each of the disciplines of clinical dentistry come together and share their information. In the spirit of this, the collection of clinical resources and presentations delivered ever, often through our multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary events since have been placed on this website.

Our purpose:

Therein lies our purpose which is 2 fold:
1. To inform our referring dentists of today so they feel empowered to offer their patients the highest quality care in the conditions & resources they have.
2. To encourage our referring dentists, as leaders in their practices and in their circles, to learn and grow.

While our main focus is on clinical material, we are open to other topics that help our referring dentists in running their practices.

Our members are guided by the values of:

1. Integrity
2. A learning mindset that stimulates growth
3. Commitment to high quality patient care