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The Effects of Blockages in the Upper Airways in Growing Children

In this podcast, I interview A/Prof McIntosh, a Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat(ENT) Specialist in Queensland Australia, on the effects of blockages of the upper airways in growing children. While this interview is more suited for dentists,members of the public may find the section on costs, and the Medicare and private health insurance rebates with an ENT consultation and ENT procedures useful (at 15:30).


It has certainly impressed upon me the role of many different factors in the causes of crooked teeth, of which one of them is the airways & breathing and their influence.

Some other highlights are:

3:10- When would a child benefit from seeing an ENT specialist?

3:50- What are some signs and symptoms of sleep apnoea in a child? Teeth grinding on the molar teeth is a common sign.

7:10- Options for managing upper airway blockages in children.

10:03- Why to reverse the neurological effects of sleep apnoea in children (improved mental concentration, memory and behaviour), early referral to an ENT specialist is important so the appropriate medical intervention can be assessed and undertaken early.

13:30- To significantly influence facial growth, adenotonsilectomy (removal of the tonsils and or adenoids) should be undertaken early ie: 6 years or younger.  

21:30- Why sleep apnoea in adults and growing children should be managed very differently

23:20- Why functional appliances can also help sleep apnoea in the Class 2 growing child with a large front teeth overlap, and small lower jaw.

26:10- Other surgical and non-surgical methods to correct sleep apnoea (apart from removal of the tonsils or adenoids)



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