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Speech therapy. What is it, how it can help and its connection with orthodontics

Dr Andrew Chang of Smiles & Faces Orthodontics, Blacktown interviews 2 experienced speech therapists, Julie and Celine of Western Sydney Speech Pathology and they share their insights.


Some highlights are:

1:18- Effect of orthodontic appliances on speech therapy exercises. Are there any?

4:17- Benefits of seeing a speech therapist (asides from speech pronunciation) and why listening plays an important role in the correction of stuttering.

6:58- How speech exercises work and why tongue retraining exercises after the age of 5 are important for certain open bite corrections.

8:38- How to motivate older kids to complete speech therapy exercises (if they are currently in this treatment)

9:33- Speech therapy is more successful in younger children than in older children as breaking previously acquired habits is easier.

10:31- Duration of speech therapy exercises- 10 mins a day is often satisfactory

15:08- The end goal for speech pathology exercises are why setting microgoals are much more successful.

16:08- Effects of dummy and finger sucking on speech development and orthodontic development.

18:45- Cost of speech therapy, Medicare rebates and private health insurance rebates.


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