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Early Orthodontic Treatment- What makes it work?

Early Orthodontic Treatment- What makes it work?

Have you ever listened to the pamplets and brochures you may receive in the mail, of this new orthodontic appliance, used in early treatment in children, that claims to be groundbreaking?

Have you attended an orthodontic seminar or course and have been confused by the whole range of orthodontic appliances used in the primary or mixed dentition. Because I had, when I first finished dental school, and for quite a few years after, while practising as a general dentist.

For reasons of extended treatment duration, overall cost-effectiveness to the patient/parents and therefore overall disruption or inconvenience to their daily activities, I very rarely recommend treatment in the deciduous dentition. I feel in this information age, it is more important than it has ever been to involve the patient and parent in the overall treatment planning decision, to ensure the greatest treatment success. I have created an easy to follow overview of the decision factors that I look at when deciding the optimum orthodontic care for children in the deciduous or mixed dentition. I hope this makes it easier for you as it did for me in clarifying decision making. 




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